Who we are


Halina Pasiecznik has over 30 years experience in education, community engagement and social enterprise development. Before establishing Vivid Regeneration LLP, she was instrumental in setting up Bristol East Side Traders (BEST), an award winning social enterprise. She has strong leadership skills and is experienced in working as a member of cross sector strategic partnerships and as Trustee/Director of voluntary and public sector bodies including Bristol Partnership, City of Bristol College and VOSCUR.

Halina Pasiecznik CV

Final Consultation 89


Helen Bone has 20 years experience of managing small businesses, social enterprises, not for profit organisations and  charities. She has strong leadership skills and an excellent track record of engaging the private sector in regeneration.

Helen Bone CV


We are delighted to welcome our new partner Judith Taylor. Judith has 30 years’ experience of working in community development in a variety of roles in regeneration, health and social care in Bristol, both in the public and voluntary sector. She also has a background in art and craft, and believes strongly in the value of creative activities in learning, development and health improvement.

Judith Taylor CV

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