Our approach

Our approach is based on our values. We aim to:

  • Ensure that our clients benefit from growing their own skills, knowledge and confidence through working closely with you, your staff, volunteers, directors and partners
  • Recognise and respond to discrimination and disadvantage of all kinds throughout the course of all our work with you
  • Promote sustainable solutions that have long term benefits for your organisation, your beneficiaries, your neighbourhood and your wider environment.

We make our work with clients a positive experience with successful outcomes by:

  • Working closely with all clients to fully understand your tender brief and expectations
  • Setting agreed milestones and targets, and reporting progress through regular reviews
  • Using our combined expertise and extensive networks to be efficient and effective, ensuring excellent value for money.

Vivid has gained an excellent reputation for the quality of its work as shown by:

  • The number of satisfied clients who have commssioned further work from Vivid, or recommend our services to others.
  • Clients who have won significant service delivery contracts, implemented new trading activities or successfully accessed grants or other revenue or capital funds.

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