Appraisal and evaluation

Volunteer Bristol
Evaluated a 3 year lottery funded Volunteer support project. This work included measuring value for money and
demonstrating, in financial terms, the impact that volunteering makes to the city.

St Paul’s Unlimited Community Partnership
Interviewed a broad range of partners and made recommendations for the future of this award winning community partnership.

We completed an evaluation of the Pioneer Programme, a major ESF funded leadership training initiative in South West England, contributing to the programme’s Summit and writing and presenting the final report. The evaluation was conducted over an 18 month period, and included “before and after” surveys with participants, and focus groups and interviews with partners, including the transnational partner.

The City Academy, Bristol – The Bi-lingual Family Mentoring Project
This project is one of a suite of services to be delivered by this award winning Academy, serving an ethnically diverse and rapidly changing community in inner city Bristol, and was funded on a fixed term contract by Bristol City Council. Vivid undertook an evaluation of the project, highlighting its impact and value, and, with project staff, facilitated a presentation event in the Council House with local authority decision makers and budget holders. The project has secured ongoing funding.

Care and Repair
Completed an evaluation of Care and Repair’s “Safe and Health Homes” SRB5 funded project in South Bristol.

Bristol East Side Traders (BEST)
Completed a major evaluation of the organisation’s work over 5 years for the Small Business Service Phoenix Development Fund.

Community at Heart – Neighbourhood Solutions
Researched and wrote a full evaluation of the environmental programme operating as part of Bristol’s NDC scheme, and worked with partners to provide options for future activities.

Community at Heart – Race Equality Project
Undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the project, including its innovative Race Equality and Community Cohesion Action Plan. Organised and facilitated a conference to plan future work.

Bristol City Council Objective 2 Evaluation
Undertook a programme level evaluation of the Bristol Neighbourhood Action Plan programme, a major 7-year European Objective 2 funded regeneration initiative

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