Trading, contracting and fundraising

Bristol Legacy Commission (BLC)
BLC was set up in 2008 to help support Bristol BME residents and organisations to play an integral part in transforming their communities. Vivid worked with nominated BME led voluntary organisations (previously funded by Bristol Legacy Commission) to develop projects and services, research funders and write funding bids, aiming to enable clients to grow their services and to become more sustainable. We worked with a wide range of groups, including those working with older people, enhancing mental health services, delivering equalities in grass roots football, promoting cultural leadership and supporting entrepreneurs.

Barton Hill Settlement
Vivid assisted the Settlement to write funding bids for a number of its activities, and to review and write a new business plan.

The C³ Partnership (commissioned by Bristol City Council)
Researched and wrote a successful European Union (EU) Equal funding bid and established a new sub regional partnership to deliver improved support to the social economy sector.

Silai for Skills
Researched and wrote a successful Objective 3 European Social Fund (ESF) bid for this BME led women’s training organisation.

Completed a successful bid for Big Lottery funding for equalities work delivered by Bristol’s voluntary sector infrastructure agency.

The City Academy Beacon Centre
Researched and wrote a successful EU Objective 2 ESF bid for new adult and community education services, including ESOL courses, for this new centre serving Bristol’s diverse inner city communities.

Bristol East Side Traders/Community at Heart
Developed projects for major capital improvement programmes for two inner city retail districts, and wrote successful EU Objective 2 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and New Deal for Community (NDC) bids which secured total investment of approximately £5m.

Connecting Communities Partnership
Evaluated previous programmes and wrote a bid for Home Office funding to improve BME recruitment, retention and progression in 14 public sector agencies in Bristol and the South West.

Hannah More Primary School
Developed and wrote a successful funding application to Bristol’s Objective 2 ERDF for a new “extended school” facility, which has been built.

Community at Heart
Secured funding to develop and build a children’s centre within a new primary school in Barton Hill, including successful bids for Objective 2, SRB6 and New Deal for Communities funding.

Bristol University
Developed an EU bid to create a new Bristol ‘Science Shop’ to enable residents, community based organisations and university staff and students to collaborate on joint research initiatives.

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