Resident Board member of St Pauls Unlimited Community Partnership (SPU)

Just a quick note to thank you for a most excellent and diligent (Business Plan) document that will serve SPU well both operationally and as a tool for fund raising. I have read both the draft and final document as signed off by us at our Coordinating Body meeting a few hours ago and feel proud about the substance and potential achieved…… I cannot thank you both enough for the input value you have provided for SPU’s future. Please accept my sincere personal gratitude and respect. 🙂

Resident and development manager for Ambition Lawrence Weston

We have been working with an absolutely fantastic consultancy firm who have pushed our plans so much ahead in such a short time we can hardly believe it.  They are totally committed to resident involvement empowerment and leadership….., I am totally confident that a quick call/email to them would not be wasted in the slightest and could be a massive help with your plans going forward, just as we have experienced first-hand.

Manager, Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Vivid Regeneration has recently undertaken several pieces of work for Lawrence Weston Community Farm including the external evaluation of a three year work programme, funded by Natural England, undertaken by the farm that focused on the development of community woodland and the writing of a Business Plan for our proposed Community Café and Training Facility that formed a key element of a successful funding bid to BLF for £500K.

The work undertake by Vivid Regeneration was consistently of a very high standard and fully met the brief they were given. They worked in an inclusive and participatory manner, struck exactly the right balance when conduction community consultation, produced a clear evidence based evaluation report with client focused, realistic recommendations for future developments.

The work undertake by Vivid Regeneration has enabled the Farm to evidence the value of its service delivery to funders, partners and stakeholders and helped to inform the development of its long-term strategic planning.

Vivid Regeneration also worked in partnership with the Farm and other groups to enable local residents to develop a Community Plan for Lawrence Weston. Vivids commitment to non directive, bottom up community development has been one of the key drivers behind the success of this project.

In short, I can’t recommend Vivid Regeneration highly enough!

Ian Lawry, CEO, Wellspring Healthy Living Centre

The evaluation strategy that Helen and Halina from Vivid developed with Wellspring was instrumental in setting the way forward for our monitoring and evaluation. It has enabled us to get further funding for our services by clearly demonstrating the impact of our work to stakeholders.

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