What we do

At Vivid we offer the following services:

Appraisal and evaluation
We have extensive experience of evaluating publicly funded projects and programmes. Our evaluations are thorough, honest and inclusive, and we always leave our clients with some clear recommendations for the future direction of the initiative.

Community consultation
We believe it is important to provide opportunities for residents and service users to shape and influence the development and delivery of services and policies. We work closely with organisations to assist them to devise and deliver successful community engagement strategies, and work hard to ensure that they provide opportunities for participation for all communities and individuals, particularly people and groups that are more difficult to reach.

Conferences and events
We have extensive experience of designing, organising and facilitating public meetings, conferences and events.

Interim management
We are experienced managers and leaders, and work with governing bodies to provide short and long term management and support to organisations, often during times of change.

Neighbourhood planning
We work with communities and planners to identify aims and objectives for Neighbourhood Plans.  We also provide support to build an evidence base and to carry out consultation in line with the requirements of the Localism Act.

Organisational development
We work with clients to write new business plans, identify ways to improve performance and service delivery, and develop new systems and policies.

Partnership development
We work with clients and their partners to enhance collaborative working, and we are experienced in developing and supporting consortia and facilitating mergers.

Research and feasibility studies
Understanding the needs of users/clients is a key factor to the success of all organisations (whether private, public or third sector). We value working with clients to deliver research projects which help to develop a sound understanding of what services are needed and how they would best be delivered. We work with our clients to complete feasibility studies into new initiatives and ideas, to test the market and analyse risks and financial sustainability.

Staff and board development
We deliver in-house customised training programmes for staff and volunteers. We also offer non-managerial supervision and mentoring.

Strategic planning
We work with staff, governing bodies, volunteers and service users to help them to develop and and agree plans for their organisation and its future direction. We also work with clients to implement these strategies and to review progress.

Trading, Contracting and Fundraising

We have a good track record of raising finance for our clients through developing trading and contracting opportunities and through fundraising.

To see more details on the work we do please read about our work.

Residents sign paperwork for Ambition Lawrence Weston1

Residents sign paperwork for Ambition Lawrence Weston

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